How Acupuncture Works:

Since we’re not able to physically see energy (Qi in Chinese) we are still far from being able to offer factual, precise explanations of what happens when we practice acupuncture.  It is also impossible to carry out a double-blind test on Five Element acupuncture, so we can’t turn to hard science for the answers either. This of course creates our systems greatest dilemma, how are we able to prove this really works?  


The simple and quick answer is, we really can’t prove anything, but every year there is more research and evidence pointing to why it is effective.  Despite the lack of concrete answers, Aaron has continued to believe in and practice acupuncture because he sees his patients get better.  For example, when someone has had migraines for 25 years and after 5 treatment the migraines not only subside but do not return, that is enough to help believe that this style of treatment really works. 

To be clear though, acupuncture does not work for everyone, but neither does western medicine.  With that said, acupuncture has helped for centuries throughout Chinese history and now in the West.  For these reasons, it is worth giving it a try.  Whether you use it as a support alongside Western medicine, or use it because the Western treatment you have been offered does not work for you, acupuncture is a safe and powerful alternative therapy.