If you strip away the over-commercialisation and hype that accompanies mindfulness these days, you’re left with a beautiful and skilful practice. Mindfulness is a tool that teaches us how to become more available to our present moment experiences instead of lost in our heads or stuck in a constant loop of judgement and unhelpful thoughts.


Mindfulness meditation offers us a chance to do what most of us probably should have done when we were children: learn how to better understand and work with the complex, and often confusing experience of our thoughts, emotions and feelings. 

Working with Aaron, we will practice techniques that help us meet our habitual patterns that do not serve us, and learn tools to cultivate a more caring and

supportive relationship with ourself and others.  In these private classes, we have the chance to settle and connect to ourselves in a way that is natural and gentle, and learn how to take these skills into our daily life.  


Mindfulness is not a cure-all: it cannot create happiness or do away with our anxiety.  Instead, mindfulness is about being a witness to everything that arises. As we become aware, we foster clarity, curiosity, and care that helps us better navigate the messy reality of our lives as fully and as lovingly as we possibly can.