As a way to better support people with different income levels, Aaron offers a community clinic with lower rates than his normal private practice.  Since there is a limited amount of time available for the community clinic, multiple people are treated in the same room at the same time.  This is actually a very traditional way of treating in China and throughout Asia, and is becoming more popular in the West, as an affordable way to receive the necessary treatment.  

Before the first  a session, Aaron will send you a questionnaire to fill in with your medical history and why you are coming for acupuncture.  Then during treatment, sometimes there will be other people receiving treatment at the same time, and other times there wont be anyone else, it all depends on the time and day.  But either way every effort is made to keep conversations quiet, so that personal matters remain private.

Community Clinic:

This style of multi-bed clinic is definitely not for everyone, but it can be a great way to receive treatment in a slightly more affordable fashion.  For community clinic info and fees click here.