"I have always believed that the presence and clarity of a health practitioner are often the most essential prerequisites for offering a healing environment for patients. Aaron has that ineffable quality of calmness that invites one into a place of balance. This combined with an acute perception and skill in acupuncture make him a rare find. I recommend him wholeheartedly and only regret he does not live in New Zealand!" –  Donna Farhi, author of "Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living"

"Aaron Deemer is a gifted healer.  Whenever I visit London I take the time to stop by for a treatment.  I highly recommend him."–  Max Strom, Teacher and author of, "A Life Worth Breathing"

"Working with Aaron has been honestly life changing. His gentle manner puts you at ease immediately, and his skill as a practitioner means you feel your spirit soar. I went to my first session without knowing what to expect, and frankly sceptical of the whole process. But from the first meeting I realised acupuncture is a powerful and effective tool. Over the months I have increased in confidence, felt my self becoming more secure, and felt a sense of love and joy that simply wasn't able to flourish before. And although its a tricky process, painful both emotionally and occasionally physically, Aaron is such a kind and gentle soul and you know you are in safe hands with him." – Sarah Campbell, Make-up Artist

"I came to Aaron's clinic as a first-timer with very little knowledge or understanding of acupuncture. Aaron made me feel safe and comfortable by creating an exceptionally personal and comfortable space for me to talk about my concerns. Aaron crafted an appropriate acupuncture treatment that responded to those concerns compassionately and directly." – Perry Seymour, Training Service Manager

"I went to Aaron for help with lower back and hip pain and found the treatment very beneficial.  The hips pain disappeared and the back pain was much improved. It was also a very relaxing experience."  – John Moran, Yoga teacher

"Aaron is an excellent practitioner – and I’ve already recommended him to several friends, all of whom have been equally as impressed with his professional manner, calming air and ability tailor the treatment to each client." –  Liz Scully, Lighting Lead at Dreamworks Animation

"I can't thank Aaron enough for genuinely supporting me through a period of much emotional stress. His natural intuitive approach helped to really understand how I was feeling, emotionally and physically, and as a result tailor my treatments - to achieve noticeable improvements in my wellbeing. I felt much calmer with more natural energy as a result of the treatments. He has a lovley gentle manner and reassuringly takes a holistic approach to what's going on in your life. If you are feeling run down, anxious or just a bit stressed with day-to-day demands I highly recommend considering some acupuncture with Aaron." – Emma Clark, Ad Agency Director

"I was scared of needles and sceptical about the benefits of acupuncture but I was amazed by the results that Aaron Deemer has achieved even after one session. Source Clinic is like a little oasis of calm in the busy city. You go in feeling anxious, stressed or just out of sorts and leave feeling grounded, centred and able to face the world's challenges. Everyone should have an opportunity to experience its effects."– Petra Coveney