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Five Element Community
Qigong | Internal Martial Arts
Multi-bed clinic | Summertown, Oxford

“Balance is beautiful.” – Miyoko Ohno, Japanese bridge designer

Affordable Acupuncture for Everyone

After many years of treating, Aaron has recognised the importance of making acupuncture as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.  The paradigm of high cost treatments for only the very few just doesn’t make sense. 


On Saturday's Aaron offers a community multi-bed clinic for £25 a treatment and NADA ear acupuncture for £10 a treatment, and during the week he offers private one-on-one sessions for £55. 

The community clinic room, where many of sessions are held, may have up to three other people receiving treatment.  Often Mimi will also be present in the community sessions, using qigong as another layer of support and treatment. 

Understanding Acupuncture

The body loves to be healthy and in balance – it craves homeostasis.  So acupuncture works with this concept, and supports the natural rhythms of the body to rebuild health and vitality.  

To understand this a little better, think of your energy as flowing through pathways that feed every cell of your body.  When that flow becomes blocked or impeded, our energy stagnates, and we can begin to feel sick, sluggish, and even depressed or anxious.  

Our work then as Five Element acupuncturists is to find out why the blocks are happening, where the blocks are occurring, and then with needles, clear them, so your energy flows unobstructed.  The result is increased energy, clarity of mind, lightness of spirit, and simply just feeling better all around. 


Qigong with Mimi in the Community Clinic

Qigong is a form of energy cultivation.  Qi in Chinese means "life energy" and gong "to cultivate".  It is considered one of the pillars of Chinese medicine, but also the basis of most Chinese martial arts, which draws its principles from Daoism and Buddhism.

In both Daoism and some forms of Buddhism, qigong remains the primary means of moving and exercising the body, regulating the breath and calming the mind and/or the heart on the path to spiritual awakening. It is therefore a practice that can, at once, be medicinal, martial and spiritual.

Mimi will be offering short qigong practices on many of the community sessions on Saturdays, using movement as another layer of support and treatment. Qigong sequences are typically given as ‘prescriptions’ to practice in between acupuncture sessions to increase the potency of treatment.  

Acupuncture and Fertility

Acupuncture is a system of medicine that supports the healthy movement of energy through the entire system. For people trying to conceive it can be very beneficial.   


Why is it beneficial? Because treatment is about nourishing the natural flow of energy, so that you, as the patient, can be as physically, mentally and emotionally healthy as possible. Balanced energy flow can help with the body’s natural rhythms and cycles, regulating menstruation, sleep cycles, eating cycles and bowel movements.   


In Chinese medicine, it is believed that a healthy system will also support a healthy pregnancy. This does not mean that acupuncture can get you pregnant, but it does mean that acupuncture can help you achieve a more balanced flow of energy through your system, all of which is effective support for getting pregnant.


Some kind words patients have shared over the years

Amazing! My skin cleared up right away. I don't know what you do but it bloody works. I also decided to kick the pill which has helped the moods too.  P.K.

A quick email to let you know that the acupuncture sessions really helped my anxiety which is now the lowest it has been for many years.   J.C.

Just a quick note to say BIG THUMBS UP.  Been feeling ace since the session on Saturday.  Big turn around.  Thanks so much.  A.M.

I've been meaning to write. The mastitis is GONE! It's amazing! You are officially better than the midwife. It's completely transformed my day to day living. Thank you feels like an understatement.  H.C.

Hey Aaron, you (un)fucked me up yesterday - that was the best! I forgot you were seeing A as well - we were both wiped out and man we slept early and deep and woke up feeling grounded and great! Thanks!!  K.D.

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